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I know what you're thinking...

But I'm not as crazy as you think

I'm not so crazy after all
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Do people think your crazy? Do you have radical ideas or views that make people think you are a complete nutcase? Are you misunderstood? Do you find yourself left out because others think you are different?

It doesn't really matter why you feel alienated or misunderstood. If others think you are messed up for thinking different, if you feel misunderstood because of your actions or feelings toward things and other people don't understand them, if people don't understand you and your thoughts and treat you like you are insane while you are just being who you are, or if your just different for anything, we want you here with us.

Go ahead and vent about anything. Anything is accepted here. Self pity ramblings, anger and anguish, toward anyone or anything, let it go in here.

We all may be different, but we are all the same at heart. So if you think others give you a hard time because of your differentialities, join us here, and you will soon see that you aren't so crazy after all.