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Ah, craziness. What would the world do without it. I've been particularly busy this summer. I'm actually hanging out and talking to my friends for the first time in my life outside of school, it's been a summer of firsts, and I've spent the summer training for the upcoming Cross Country season. Our first meet is September 1st, and I'm excited. A few of my friends are going to college and I miss them already. I still can't believe I'm a junior now. It feels like just yesterday I was stepping into the commons of WLN for the first time. And now, I'm an upper classman in college level courses. Amazing. Who knows what the upcoming year will bring. Only time will tell.


*sigh* am obsessed with msn winks i have been doing nothing in the last 2 days but searching for them and adding to "my winks" list...help LOL..

grrr its the sasuke haters again..oh sasuke is an anime character i know i know its pathetic .. i mean u can do a fanclub for something u like but for something u hate with out even a single good reason thats just pathetic .. i wanted to post there and mop the floor with them in a civilized way of course which is the "brain way" but the leader of the Sasuke FC posted there and asked the other fans not to post.. i didnt want to make the fans look stupid i wanted them to look united SO GRRRRR i cant post there..so i went to the fan's FC and posted there about the crap the haters said...

OMG AM TALKIng alot about something so stupid so :
1st "i should go and get alife"
2nd i do have problems but i dont want to lets say post them ..i prefer to keep them to my self and post lots of crap hehehehe *gonna get killed when they read this*..

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I thought I'd post another message, ya' know.
I'm like kind of up and then down and then up and then back down.

Nothing really to do but just a few laughs and well a lot of giggles.
And am I making any sense?? Didn't think so but anyway, hi again!!


well got some happy thoughts *not really happy incase u didt get it ..hmph* so didnt leave my room for a while and when i finally did there was no net...blah blah i know i know..

hope u ppl are still alife..hmph..
got something to say...but forgot it..need to check my brain...lol..

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Golli...not again...
I guess I am without a life...bah!

I am slowly dieing of A.N.D.A.H.C.
Attention Neglection and Deprivation of All Human Contact
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What the fuck!?
Aren't you people going to answer me!!!??
I am attention deprived, neglected by the whole world!
And I can't get one little word out of anybody!!
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Can I take a moment here to gripe about the educational system here in the U.S.? Just a short moment.

It's summer break, and now that I've finally gotten my mind rested, I take a look back at the past 12 years of my life and find myself slowly becoming very, very angry. Like, Lewis Black trying to catch a taxi ANGRY.

I'm sick of being the Guinea Pig generation. "The way we've been teaching for 5,000 years is no longer working, so let's try this. Oh, that didn't work? Let's try something else."

And my least-favorite thing? New math. Just a few months ago I was sitting in my geometry class and employed my own methods to get the correct answer. My teacher got on me for not "showing my work." I asked her what the big deal was, and she looked me dead in the eye and said "It doesn't really matter if you get the answer right or not, what matters is that you get the problem right." That was probably the 436th time in my life I've heard that, but this time it hit me like a load of bricks how RIDICULOUS that is!

At first I thought it was funny, and couldn't stop laughing. But the more I thought about it, the madder I got. With the break, I've processed the stuff happening in the classrooms and I've decided that if "No Child Left Behind" doesn't kill me, nothing will.

*bows* Thank you! Moment over.
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