Peach Jiggabitt (shh_go2_sleep) wrote in not_so_crazy,
Peach Jiggabitt


In life sometimes we feel like things are unusually bad. People get so caught up in what needs improvement, what we lack, how we struggle, and how far we are from being where we want to be. You're just walking your path on a road that may not be smooth... but, so is everyone else. Yet somehow you may find yourself seeking pitty; asking yourself why things are as bad as they are. You ask yourself "Why me?", or say "Could things get any worse?"

The answer to that question is more often than not YES.


To everyone, please, not just on Thanksgiving; but as a life time goal. Learn to count your blessings. Dont let lifes beauty pass you by. Be thankful for the air you breath and the blessing of the day ahead of you... because tomarrow is promised to no one. Life is a gift. Each day you wake up is hand wraped by God. Enjoy it. Be glad in it.

Though at times life is hard, you may feel yourself losing hope. Sometimes wishing NOT to see tomarrow. Remeber.... You've been given THIS DAY, But its up to you how you use it. A better life starts TODAY, and it starts WITH YOU.
I'd like to think that as long as you are here you have SOMETHING to be thankful for. Embarace it. Because LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT.

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