night_knight (night_knight) wrote in not_so_crazy,


I guess am hateful or something, i mean there is something about me that provokes ppl's hate LMAO..
didnt really figure it out, i mean no matter what i do, there is no freakin point at all.
and if someone didnt "hate" me or think about me as a low life, i will freak out, i prefer to be hated and know it, than for someone to hate me or be annoyed and yet nice enough not to say it, beside i cant be sure i mean maybe they like me now, but what if my hate"unknown" provoking talent took over and they hated me, I mean i know from experience that am going down no matter what so at least it wont be as painful as having fake hope...
I know that's waaaaaaay too pathetic, but unluckly reality.

*deleted this part LOL* the hell with this crap, there is no point at all in anything i do, everyf**king thing is working against me,,i know this sound crazy but unluckly REAL, dunno who said life goes on but i can simply say to him/her YOUR F**KIN LIFE GOES ON, NOT EVERYBODY'S..u judgmental FREAAAAAAAAAK.
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