Yali-k (tamoli) wrote in not_so_crazy,

Strange Days

This is so gonna sound like a silly post but ya' know its a Monday and I feel like being a bit strange. Anyway, I noticed I changed my avies a lot; and I've been getting comments that it irritates some people..."them"...I know I'm indecisive(heck with spelling, lol...did I spell that right?) and I know I like to change things sometimes but shouldn't people just accept that. I mean, I'm not hurting them in changing my avie or my curtains or my door for a beaded thing or something...well, maybe a headache of bright colors or too much darkness but thats me and this isn't making any sense, atleast I don't think so.

How is the education going? I get to take courses online and if I pass these I and get the required creds I might be able to pass at the end of my 11th grade year instead of my 12th. Yey!
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