night_knight (night_knight) wrote in not_so_crazy,


I was reading a story about a singer..who was trying to find the truth of this world..and some answers for his questions about souls..after life and whatever..and how many things he found and read about before he finally found what he was looking for, so i was thinking how small and insignificant I am , compared to them..they thought about that..and looked for answers when they reached glory fame and when they got every mortal thing i mean money and stuff, well most people would only look for answers..when they need something..they would remember to pray to GOD the creator of all..only when they want something
and those people tried that when they had it all...i was just thinking..that if i got everything.. although i dont care for such things as money and stuff..but what if i got it all...will i be as great as they r,,will i remember that all mortal things r gone..will i remember the point of my existence..will i stop and look around..
well anyway if u ppl wanted to read the stroy or whatever..its about a british singer..
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