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*sigh* am obsessed with msn winks i have been doing nothing in the last 2 days but searching for them and adding to "my winks" LOL..

grrr its the sasuke haters again..oh sasuke is an anime character i know i know its pathetic .. i mean u can do a fanclub for something u like but for something u hate with out even a single good reason thats just pathetic .. i wanted to post there and mop the floor with them in a civilized way of course which is the "brain way" but the leader of the Sasuke FC posted there and asked the other fans not to post.. i didnt want to make the fans look stupid i wanted them to look united SO GRRRRR i cant post i went to the fan's FC and posted there about the crap the haters said...

OMG AM TALKIng alot about something so stupid so :
1st "i should go and get alife"
2nd i do have problems but i dont want to lets say post them ..i prefer to keep them to my self and post lots of crap hehehehe *gonna get killed when they read this*..
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